Part 2 – Setting up the Ceres Helper

Altair SmartCore Account

You will need to set up an Altair SmartCore account to send the data to the cloud, they offer a free account which is perfect for one Ceres Helper with no recurring costs.

Add Device

After setting up your account you will need to add a Device, from the Home Page, under DEVICES, click “Manage Devices”, this will open a new window where you can manage the default device or add a new one. Click the add or edit button, you will want to change the Time Zone to your local time zone and the Frequency Status to 12 minutes, the Ceres Helper reports its status every 10 minutes, the 12 minute time setting allows you to set up a text or email to alert you when the status is overdue for a check in, it means a loss of internet to the Ceres Helper. (the Ceres Helper continues to function without internet, it just cant report its status or data streams to the cloud)

Copy the device ID and the Full API Key(under SETTINGS) to a text pad, you will need them later.

The Code below will allow you to add the Wifi SSID, Wifi Password, AltairSmartcore Device ID and the AltairSmartcore API KEY(saved from earlier). Once uploaded to your board, you are ready to start sending and receiving data to the cloud.