The Ceres Helper Project

IOT makes it to your garden, with a cloud powered soil monitoring and watering system, based on the water level you want in your garden. No more over-watering or forgetting to water your garden. You can set up text/email Alerts when there is a problem with the system or your garden. There are 2 parts to setting up your Ceres Helper.

The hardware used is very reliable and uses industry standard protocols to ensure it will function without interference and little maintenance for a long time. I currently have a similar set up using the I2C sensors for over 4 years of continuous service. The RS485 sensor is a nice improvement over the I2C sensor and allows you to move the sensors out to the fields without moving the controller.

After configuring the Ceres Helpers settings, you will be able to download the android app and monitor your garden from anywhere.

Part 1 – Assembling the Ceres Helper

Part 2 – Set up the Ceres Helper

Part 3 – Set up the Android App